Class Levels

Level I

Ground yourself with the essentials of STOTT PILATES, mastering proper technique to reap the benefits of your group classes. Level I programming is a great starting point for those newer to the method of pilates, and/or those who have taken an orientation class. These classes move at a moderate pace, review the Five Basic Principles of the STOTT PILATES® method within the warm up, and build a foundation of exercises required to move on to the next level.  Develop core strength, stability, and a heightened mind-body awareness. Participants are welcome to stay in this level until feeling confident to progress.


Level II

This class is geared to those who have some previous Pilates experience, and/or for those who have mastered the level I repertoire and are able to respond quickly and fluidly to cues. This level moves at a deliberate pace, and builds a broader foundation of exercises to help improve coordination and retrain muscles that may have become imbalanced over time.

You will continue to improve flexibility and core strength while incorporating more coordination and intensity to your workout.


Level III

This series focuses on fluidity, endurance, and strong transitions. It is designed to challenge the mind and body as it moves at an accelerated pace. At this level, you have a strong foundation in level I and II movement patterns, and you have achieved increased core strength, heightened mind-body awareness and coordination. Before registering for a level III class, it is required that you participate in a minimum of 2 full rotations in level II programming. If unsure whether you are ready to move into this level, please consult with your instructor – we want to be sure you participate in every class feeling confident, strong and empowered!