What People Say

There’s really nothing else like it in London.  Create Balance offers such a wide variety of classes – there’s something for everybody!  I take at least five classes per week, and they are very well taught, which is important in getting the full benefit of pilates. Besides the wide variety of classes, there is a feeling of camaraderie between those of us who attend this studio.   I’m sure that this feeling is a direct result of the tone of acceptance, encouragement and goodwill established by Renee and Collette, who are very energetic, very non-judgmental and very supportive.   What they’ve created here is a culture of acceptance and growth.

Maria van der Velden

There is so much to be said for taking that hour just for you, to focus solely on the connection between your mind and body that allows everything else in your head to go somewhere else for that time. No work, no worries, no stress. I feel that way every time I attend, and the after effects of the class allow me to see things with more clarity and calm. Thank you Create Balance for being such a good part of my day.

Tracey Medeiros

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and frequently had back issues before I started taking pilates. I now have stronger inner core muscles which support my back, I have had no further injuries, and I have improved joint mobility and strength.  The staff are very knowledgeable, qualified, safety conscious and fun.  A very good investment in my health and well being.

Janis Watts

I’m hooked! Just love the feeling when I’m here and when I leave! I feel more aware of my body and rejuvenated. Thank you!

Tanya Zorzan

Create Balance is a remarkable studio with such excellence in teachers and programs.  I was in a very severe car accident followed by 8 surgeries and looking for physical exercise that I could do.  Create balance is my answer and I have improved so much with their care.  I took private lessons to learn the program and now do group sessions twice weekly. They are such caring young women with such a tremendous positive attitude that one cannot help but be encouraged and joyful when in their presence and that of their teachers.

Jean Walmsley

I lost weight, I am more energized and toned and I have gained strength and flexibility.   I am stronger both physically and mentally.

Tracy Gallina

My several years of classes with all the wonderful instructors at Create Balance have given me a strong and confident body.  Pilates has given me abilities I never thought possible!

Ann Bigelow

Pilates is amazing! When I started, my back was in constant pain and I was in physio. After a short time my back is better, my core strength is improving and I feel much better. The instructors are great!

Gary Tippel

I was thinking today how everyone needs to do your classes!  The world would be a better place.

Shawna Green

I have been enjoying both Matwork and Reformer classes! The instructors are friendly and have taught me so much about strength and balance. Thanks so much!

Wendy Shannon