Christine Hewton

Christine Hewton


Certifying STOTT Pilates® Instructor.

Pilates is not only a passion, but a significant part of my everyday life.  Through mindful movements, I have noticed an improvement in my body’s strength, mobility, and flexibility and more importantly, my mental health and stress management.

Although I never saw myself as a teacher, I enjoy sharing my experience and knowledge of the body to help people of all ages and activity levels reach their goals. There are so many little things that Pilates can help with in our lives, and I love witnessing the improvements of those that I work with.  I will never forget the day I realized I could not only raise my arms up over head without my shoulders clicking, but lift down a heavy casserole dish without asking for help (or worrying about dropping it). It’s these improvements and achievements that keep my Pilates practice a priority.

I am enthusiastic and eager to share my experience:  to help others become more body aware and help ease the effects of aging, and stress in our everyday lives.  I am really excited to move forward with my certification and be part of the Create Balance team and studio!

Training and Certifications:
Foundations in Yoga Anatomy Level 1 & 2
STOTT PILATES® Intensive Mat-Plus™ – IMP (In Progress)