Service Descriptions

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Get Started Program
(Private and Semi Private options available)

This program prepares new comers for regular classes by providing one on one attention to the 5 Basic Principles and movement patterns of STOTT PILATES®. You will learn essential exercises to establish core strength and stability and will also discover new mind-body awareness. Essential for getting the most out of your group class experience moving forward.

Rehabilitative Program

The aim of rehabilitative STOTT PILATES® is to maintain or restore flexibility, strength, muscle balance, proprioception and overall fitness during healing. We provide functional programming to help rehabilitate our clients to activities of daily living and/or normal sports activities. Ultimately the result: A balanced and aligned body that looks fit, feels revitalized and moves with ease.

Private Sessions

These sessions provide one on one instruction in STOTT PILATES programming. Your sessions will start and progress appropriately for your fitness, coordination, strength, flexibility and endurance levels. Your instructor will design an individualized program to help you achieve your own personal fitness goals, to correct imbalances, bringing your body into proper alignment and mobility. Private sessions are either 45 minutes of 60 minutes in length and can be performed as Matwork or Reformer workouts (or a combination of both).

Semi Private Sessions

Working in a small group of 2-3 people offers many benefits: lower rates, intimate group setting, and detailed/specific programming. Your instructor will be able to cater your workout to your individual needs and goals, while creating a fun and interactive group learning experience. Select the people you want to experience Pilates with and start seeing great results immediately.